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Principal: Miss Anne Millington M.A.  Tel: 0151 653 9673


Performance Letter 2005

May 2005

Dear pupils and parents

The school will be presenting 'Gotta Sing Gotta Dance' at the Floral Pavilion Theatre on
15th, 16th, 17th and 18th March 2006. The Dress Rehearsal will be at the theatre on 13th March.
There will be a full rehearsal at the Moreton Methodist Church Hall, the evening of 11th March.

Performing on stage is not only an important part of a dancer's training, but is a valuable experience in teamwork, discipline and self-confidence. However, if for any reason you prefer your child not to appear in the show I will understand, but I do expect you to advise me by the latest,
SATURDAY 16th JULY 2005.

All pupils are eligible to take part. Good attendance in classes will be VITAL.

For the most part there will only be a few changes made to the timetable for the following year. There may be some changes for a small number of pupils in order to organise various group dances. I will speak personally with each of the pupils concerned. Also, some pupils will be requested to be available for extra sessions nearer the show period in order to amalgamate larger group numbers.
Every effort will be made to keep the cost of costumes to a minimum. In order to make the purchase of material there must be sufficient money in the Dancing Bank.

I know that some of you deposit in the bank throughout the term time, but for those who don't I must insist that EACH PUPIL please has the following amount in the bank by

Up to and including Grade 2 - AT LEAST £30
Grade 3 to 5 - AT LEAST £45
Grade 6 and over - AT LEAST £55
Adults - AT LEAST £30

I am sure you will understand that it is impossible to indicate what the total cost will be, but it is almost certainly to be in excess of the above amounts. The degree of this will obviously depend on the number of dances each pupil is involved in. Therefore, regular payments into the bank will be an advantage to us all. I advise everyone to keep their own small bankbook to avoid any confusion.
I also advise putting some money into the bank each week from now to help save in preparation for next term. It will be necessary for the requisite amount of money to be in the bank before each costume can be collected.

I have already spoken with a number of dressmakers and booked their services for our show. However, I would be grateful to know if any parents/friends of pupils possess dressmaking skills and would be prepared to make costumes for a particular dance set of pupils.

I look forward to an enjoyable show for both participants and audience, and to making a worthwhile financial contribution to charity.
Yours Sincerely,

Anne Millington.