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Principal: Miss Anne Millington M.A.  Tel: 0151 653 9673





Classical Ballet training is available for pupils from the age of 3.
Pupils are trained according to the syllabus and high quality standard of the British Ballet Organization (B.B.O.). The B.B.O. ballet training emphasizes both the acquisition of technical skill and the development of personal artistic expression.

At all times the training is underpinned by encouraging a theoretical understanding and knowledge of the subject.

All pupils progress through the B.B.O ballet curriculum from Pre-Primary standard to Grade 5 standard. After attaining Grade 5, two alternative future training pathways are available to students. Students who wish to train towards a potential dance-related career may choose to follow a vocational training route, whereas students who retain their enthusiasm for ballet but who do not wish to pursue a dance-related career may continue to train from Grade 6 to Grade 8.

All the B.B.O. Classical ballet dance qualifications have received accreditation from the Quality and Curriculum Authority (Q.C.A.) and are qualifications within the National Framework of Education within Great Britain.

The Barbara Roberts School of Dance also operates a 'Trainee Student Ballet Scheme' specifically for pupils who have attained Grade 3 standard and who wish to maximize their training potential.
The training that these pupils receive facilitates:

The consolidation of their foundation technique,
· Progression at a faster (yet safe) pace,
· An awareness and understanding of anatomical and physiological aspects in relation to their personal training potential.

As a member of the B.B.O, the Barbara Roberts School of Dance advocates 'dance for all'. It is likely that the artistic appreciation and self-discipline developed through B.B.O. Classical ballet training, will be invaluable to students throughout their lives.