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Principal: Miss Anne Millington M.A.  Tel: 0151 653 9673



Modern, Hip-Hop & Contemporary

Modern Dance training is available to pupils who have passed one examination in either Classical Ballet or Tap. Pupils are trained according to the Modern syllabus of the United Teachers of Dance (U.T.D.). The syllabus provides a structured technical training, which encourages a disciplined yet enjoyable approach to the subject.

Pupils progress through the U.T.D. Modern grade curriculum from Level 1 standard to Level 6 standard. After attaining this standard pupils can train towards the Major Modern examinations from Elementary standard to Advanced standard.

The United Teachers of Dance Organisation operates an incentive scheme to encourage and reward pupils who achieve exceptional results in Modern dance examinations. A number of pupils from The Barbara Roberts School of Dance have recently received these Awards of Excellence (see 'Awards').

Pupils also receive 'Freework' Modern dance training in order to encourage versatility and adaptability of performance style.