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Principal: Miss Anne Millington M.A.  Tel: 0151 653 9673




Tap dance training is available to pupils from the age of 3.
Pupils under the age of 5 receive an introduction to tap within the framework of their weekly pre-syllabus dance lesson. From the age of 5 pupils receive specific lessons in tap dancing.

Pupils are trained according to the high quality standard of the British Ballet Organization's Tap dance syllabus. The B.B.O. tap dance training curriculum focuses on the acquisition of technical skill and the development of musicality. It also emphasizes the development of performance skills through the study of a range of styles. At all times the training is underpinned by encouraging a theoretical understanding and knowledge of the subject.

Pupils progress from Pre-Primary standard to Grade 6 standard. At this point further graded examinations serve to prepare students for specific vocational qualifications in tap dance. Grade 7 prepares students for the Intermediate qualification, Grade 8 prepares students for the Advanced 1 qualification and the Senior Tap Grade prepares students for the Advanced 2 qualification.

All the B.B.O. Classical ballet dance qualifications have received accreditation from the Quality and Curriculum Authority (Q.C.A.) and are qualifications within the National Framework of Education within Great Britain.

The school also provides an opportunity for adults to participate in tap dance exercise in the form of an evening class. The adult tap class caters both for beginner adults and those with previous experience. Adult learners have the choice whether to take examinations or to tap dance purely for pleasure.